Vadmin 3.0 TXT Promotions

Vadmin 3.0 TXT Promotions is comprised of two web-based SMS modules including -Register to Win, SMS Competition System.

Vadmin 3.0 TXT Promotions modules may be purchased as a complete promotion package or separately as individual products.

Register to Win

Register to Win is a fantastic tool for the administration and creation of radio, print, or television SMS promotions.

With Register to Win, a user simply texts a predefined keyword to register their mobile phone to win a variety of prizes.

The Register to Win system randomly selects potential winners from the participants who have registered for that promotion. Alternatively, winners may be selected manually.

The potential winner's names are announced and given a specific time period during which they must text again to be in to win the prize.

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SMS Competitions

SMS Competitions requires participants to text a key word and or an answer.

Once a competition answer has been received from a participant a response is sent confirming that the message was received, and whether the answer was correct or incorrect if applicable.

Winners can be generated from correct answers, incorrect answers, a combination of the two, or even selected manually.

View a detailed list of features.