Vadmin 3.0 Registration and Security Features

Easy to Use Interface

Websites Remember Users 
Using cookies Vadmin 3.0 Registration and Security allows a website to remember the user.

Sign Up
Allows a user to sign up though an online form and edit their details.

Multiple Acceptance Types
Supports automatic acceptance, conditional and permission based sign ups. You define how users are accepted when they sign up to items.

Validated User Information
Email addresses are confirmed through the signup process.

Centralised Storage
All user information is stored in a single central SQL database.

Multi Tiered Security
Creates full multi tiered security. Security is role based with System Administrators having complete control over website users rights. System Administrators may create, edit, and remove logins and security roles.

Multiple Interfaces
Consists of four front end interfaces - Sign up (register), Sign in (login), Forgot my password, and Edit my profile.

Integration with Vadmin Modules
The Vadmin range is a modular collection common website maintenance products. The modular approach means you can “snap on” additional modules, paying only for the features you need.

Online Payment
Easily integrates with online payment solutions.